Safety Briefing Video is a part of AV Video who is now for more then 30 years active as a video producer for business companies, government institutions and also non-profit organizations. 

Safety Briefing Video was established in 2010 as a separate company to serve the aviation industry in their need for high quality customized safety briefing videos. The first safety briefing video was made by the parent company AV Video in 1996 which -since then- produced a large variety of safety briefing productions for different companies on several continents. They even made, for one of the most popular offshore helicopters of this moment, the AW139 -at that time the AB139- the very first safety briefing video for offshore operations.

We believe in no-nonsense high quality real time safety briefing videos. Customized made on the spot, in close cooperation with the client and to their specific requirements. We believe that passengers should recognize their own environment, aircraft, equipment, stewards and crew to pass the required safety information as clear as possible. A good pre-flight briefing can not only safe the life of the passenger but it can be lifesaving for fellow passengers and crew as well!

Companies recognize their goal in our films, and that’s how it should be . . . safety briefings of the highest quality!

Mail or call us, so we’ll be able to make you tailor-made offer!