"The briefings are highly appreciated from clients".

Captain Romain Campiot

"Working in developing countries can be stressful but Richard handled the people and assignment perfectly. Our finished product not only looked professional but added to the overall safety of the flight operations which, in the end, is our ultimate goal. Thanks Richard".

Captain John Goulet

"Through his company AV Video, Richard provides a first class customer orientated service.  The quality of his work is highly acclaimed and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any person or institution requiring the best in instructional, promotional or informative video presentations".

Captain Nigel Mortimer

"It has always been a pleasure working with you"

Captain Edwin Soeters

Northern Helicopter, Emden – Germany
We received an email from Northern Helicopters in Germany. They awarded a new contract and bought an EC155 B1 from Heli Holland. They asked us if we could change the existing safety briefing into a “Northern Helicopters” safety briefing and that’s what we did. It was all on very short notice but we managed to realize all before their first flight.

Caverton Aviation, Port Harcourt – Nigeria
Caverton Aviation awarded a new contract from Total and they’re switching from the Mark 28 life jacket to the Mark 50. We went to Port Harcourt and renewed the safety briefings for the AW139 and S76 C++. At the same time we adapted their safety briefing cards to the new requirements.

CHC Helicopters Netherlands, Den Helder – The Netherlands
Wind energy is getting worldwide more important every day. CHC Helicopters Netherlands awarded a new contract from Siemens and they use the Viking PS4002 life suit and the PV9365 life jacket. We changed the existing safety briefings for the AW139 and S92 A from a Mark 50 version into a PS4002 / PV9365 version. Besides that, client Siemens wanted several items in the safety briefing to be adapted to their requirements. CHC Helicopters Netherlands and their client Siemens are very happy with the customized result.

RJM Aviation, N’Djamena/Sarh – Chad
We received an email from Romain Campiot, OPS manager of RJM Aviation in N’Djamena, Chad. RJM operates several fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter in Chad. Flew from Europe to Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and the next day straight to N’Djamena, Chad. In N’Djamena we produced locally safety briefings for the DHC-6 300, Dornier 228, 2 different types Embraer 120 and an ATR 42. When this was done, we flew to Sarh in the south of Chad to produce a safety briefing for the Mil Mi8. The early flight to Sarh was with the Dornier 228. Since this aircraft flew on a rather low altitude we had a wonderful view on the desert environment. Chad can be hot and was really hot during our visit. Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius were more regular than an exception . . . RJM’s clients are very happy with the final result and Captain Romain Campiot wrote that “The safety briefings are highly appreciated from clients”.

CHC Helicopters Netherlands, Den Helder – The Netherlands
CHC Helicopters Netherlands awarded a new contract from SHELL. The clients’ choice was to use a different survival suit and the new Mark-50 life jacket with integrated re-breather and extra air. We adapted the AW139 and S92 A safety briefings to the new requirements.

Caverton Aviation, Douala – Cameroon & Lagos/Port Harcourt – Nigeria
Caverton Aviation asked us to renew the safety briefing for the DHS-6 Twin Otter and update their other safety briefings. Our first stop was Douala in Cameroon. Although we had in the past planned and arranged visa for a trip to Cameroon several times, for some reason this was the first visit to Cameroon. The Cameroon people are very friendly and we immediately felt welcome in the country. Caverton got a small base in Douala from which they operate their DHC-6 Twin Otter 400. Caverton’ local client preferred a multi language voice-over version. The viewer hears first the English text and straight after the French text. There are no subtitles added to the briefing. This is actually a good alternative for subtitles if the safety briefing is rather short like for the DHC-6.

When the job in Douala was done, we went to Nigeria. Although Nigeria is “next door”, it took quite some effort to get to Port Harcourt. Cameroon closed the border between Cameroon and Nigeria due the Ebola epidemic and we had to fly from Douala to Lomé in Togo, from Lomé to Cotonou in Benin, From Cotonou to Lagos in Nigeria and then from Lagos to Port Harcourt. The first flights were with Asky, the last one with Arik Air. We’d never heard of Asky, but it was really a very pleasant experience. Asky is a full daughter of Ethiopian and the average age of the aircrafts is around. Seen from the sky, Togo and Benin look a little bit like The Netherlands. In Port Harcourt we’ve updated all their rotary wing aircraft. The new DVD contains now safety briefings for: DHC-6 Twin Otter English/French spoken, DHC-6 Twin Otter English spoken, AW139 English spoken, B412 EP English spoken and the S76C++ English spoken.

Heli Holland Offshore, Den Helder – Netherlands
Heli Holland Offshore awarded a new contract and they -like most of the helicopter companies- switched to the LRS002 life jacket. We adapted their safety briefing to the new requirements.

CHC Helicopters Netherlands, Den Helder – The Netherlands
CHC Helicopters Netherlands introduced a new life jacket, the LRS001 and shortly after the LRS002. All footage that contained the old LJAP was removed from the safety briefings for the AW139, S92A & EC155 B1 and replaced by new footage with the LRS life jacket. The briefings contain also the wearing and use instructions for the new life jacket type. At the same time we added the XBR (Extra broad) passenger instruction to the safety briefing videos.

CHC Helicopters Australia, Perth – Australia
CHC management asked us to create an English spoken -Bahasa subtitled version for the AS332 for their operation in Dili- East Timor.

CHC Helicopters Australia, Karratha & Broome – Australia
Six and a half hours to Dubai, twelve hours to Perth and the next day another two hours to get to the final destination Karratha, Western Australia. CHC Australia has a lot of different aircraft, operations, clients and configurations. In close cooperation with the OPS manager Roger Shugrue in Perth we’ve made a plan to cover as much different configurations as possible. The main differs are the life jackets and PLB (Personal Locator Beacon). For the AW139, EC225, AS332 L1/L2 and S92A we produced for each type the following versions; Shark life jacket & General PLB, Shark life jacket & ResQLink+ PLB, Mark 28 life jacket & Emergency set, Mark 28 life jacket, black bead activation, Mark 28 life jacket, black bead activation & Re-breather, Switlik life jacket, Mark 28 life jacket & Emergency set & ResQLink+ PLB, Mark 28 life jacket & Emergency set & SafeLink Solo PLB and Mark 28 life jacket & Emergency set & Re-breather & ResQLink+ PLB. The footage was made in Karratha and Broome, Western Australia and the editing was done locally as well. The final editing and compilation of each DVD was done in The Netherlands. Each safety briefing is made in a way that we’re able to make most of the future amendments in The Netherlands

Aero Contractors – Port Harcourt – Nigeria
Aero Contractor asked us to renew their safety briefings. For the offshore they added the AW139 aircraft to their fleet. For the NNPC contract they received 3 brand new EC135 T2+ aircraft. Besides that they operate a S76 in VIP configuration. We made new customized safety briefings for each aircraft, all English spoken.

Heli Holland Offshore, Den Helder – Netherlands
Heli Holland Offshore awarded a contract in Russia. We adapted their safety briefing for the EC155 B1 to the Russian requirements. The voice-over language remained English, but we added Russian subtitles instead of Netherlands.

CHC Helicopters, Esbjerg – Denmark
The Sikorsky S92 A will be introduced to the Netherlands operation. CHC Netherlands wanted the safety briefing to be done before the arrival of the first one. We traveled to Esbjerg in Denmark to make the footage. We brought the right survival suit and LJAP life jacket along to the Esbjerg Airport. The editing was done in The Netherlands and the S92 A was added to the DVD with the AW139, EC155 B1 and S76B.

Euro Asia Air, Atyrau – Kazakhstan
We’ve been several times to Kazakhstan to produce safety briefings for Euro Asia Air. They’ve got now safety briefings for the AW139 & AS365 N3 in a summer and winter version. For both seasons a Russian spoken with Kazakh subtitles version and an English version. The Kazakh language is from now on the main language in Kazakhstan. It’s now mandatory that the voice-over in the videos in the safety briefings is in Kazakh and the Russian language may be covered by subtitles. Based on that requirement we’ve changed all safety briefings. They’ve got now Kazakh spoken and Russian subtitled versions for both types and both seasons

SHELL / Caverton Helicopters, Lagos – Nigeria
Caverton Helicopters awarded a $ 250 million contract from SHELL. Part of the contract is the introduction of the AW139 to the West-African offshore market. Caverton will service SHELL with the AW139, EC155 and the Twin Otter. We were asked to produce safety briefings for all these aircraft. All was done locally in the Nigerian environment. We like Nigeria and the Nigerian people. Besides the safety briefing videos for both aircraft we made a short introduction video for the AW139. During the audit by a SHELL team from abroad one of the team members said that the safety briefing for the AW139 was the best he’d ever seen worldwide . . .

CHC Helicopters Australia, Karratha & West-Sale – Australia
Only a few months after the “short notice” job for the AW139 for CHC Australia they asked us to come back to their country. Job is now producing a safety briefing video for EC225 who will be added to the Karratha operation. Two EC225 came in from Europe with an Antonov AN124. All footage for the EC225 was locally made and edited. We realized also some amendments in the AW139 safety briefing. Straight after, we flew to Melbourne and then drove to West-Sale to renew the AS332 safety briefing. All safety briefings were burned on a master DVD and in The Netherlands we produced and the printed DVD copies. The copies were shipped to the CHC Australia headquarters in Perth and distributed to the Australian bases.

CHC Helicopters Australia, Karratha – Australia
CHC Australia awarded a contract from Woodside, an Australian-based oil and gas company. Since this was a completely new AW139 operation for CHC on the Australian West Coast, all equipment from was flown in from Europe. An Antonov AN124 brought the AW139 aircraft, maintenance equipment and also our video equipment to Karratha WA. All kind of specialists were flown in to get the operation on the road as quickly as possible. We were asked to make a complete new safety briefing video from scratch. We had a meeting with the local management, their client Woodside and produced a customized AW139 safety briefing based on their specific requirements. CHC Australia and client Woodside were very satisfied with the final result.

Caverton Helicopters, Chateaufort – France
Caverton asked us to produce on short notice a safety briefing for the Eurocopter AS365 N3. We traveled to Chateaufort close to Paris in France to make the necessary footage. Traveled on day one, made the footage on day two and returned to The Netherlands on day three. Another day to do the editing and the safety briefing DVD’s were burned and send to Lagos in Nigeria. OPS manager Captain Sunny Adegbuyi was very happy with result and service on such a short notice.

Caverton Helicopters, Lagos/Port Harcourt – Nigeria
We received an email to make a proposal for a new client in Nigeria, Caverton Helicopters. Stayed in Lagos for about a month and made safety briefings for the B412 EP, AS350 B2 and the TwinOtter. We’ve made a customized shot list in close cooperation with the Chief pilot on their base in Lagos. After that, all footage was made High Definition and edited with the portable edit equipment. The result was showed to the client and we changed some minor items. A short promotional video was made out of the general footage and some additional footage. The company was very satisfied with the result and we expect to go back to Lagos as soon as the EC155 B1 is operational.

Euro-Asia Air / CHC Global Operations Kazakhstan, Atyrau – Kazakhstan
We asked a question about the safety briefing video’s for Brazilian Helicopter Service / CHC in Brazil and received a question from the headquarters of CHC in Vancouver if we could make a safety briefing for the AW139, a helicopter that seats 12 passengers. Since the AW139 isn’t the only type that’s flying in Brazil so we asked if the safety briefing was for Brazil or another operation. The answer came within a few minutes, the safety briefing wasn’t meant for Brazil but for… Kazakhstan! It isn’t a country were we often go to, so where is Kazakhstan… It wasn’t that bad, the base of the operation resorts in Atyrau. It’s a city with 450 thousand inhabitants close to the Caspian Sea. It’s a 4,5 hours flight from Amsterdam. In 2 weeks we’ve made over their all the footage, spotted the material and did the editing in Full HD. The client received in Atyrau a safety briefing with English voice-over and one with Russian voice-over and Kazakh Cyrillic subtitles, both in a winter- and summer version. The client Euro-Asia Air / CHC and their client, the Italian oil company Agip, were very enthusiastic about the result!!!

Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
On invitation of Lufthansa Consultancy and her client Petrobras Brazil, the world’s third largest oil company, we traveled to Rio de Janeiro. Petrobras has contracts with seven helicopter companies for the transport of passengers to and from her onshore and offshore locations. Petrobras management has indicated that they want the same quality safety briefing for all its passengers. We had a meeting at the headquarters of Petrobras and informed them about the quality of our safety briefing videos. All companies were represented and particularly enthusiastic about the high quality of our safety briefing videos. We are currently working on a production deal.

Aero Contractors, Lagos – Nigeria
After a delay of almost a year, the Eurocopter EC225 LP helicopters finally arrived in Lagos, Nigeria. Our client Aero Contractors Nigeria has asked us to produce a safety briefing video for this aircraft and add it to the existing DVD. Although the family wasn’t really happy we were traveling on January 2nd (the day after New Year…) we flew to Lagos on that date. Most of the time, we’re in Nigeria during the rainy season. It’s the dry season this time and that’s really a relief. In the rainy season we waste a lot of time waiting for a dry spell between the showers. The Eurocopter EC225 LP is an 18-person unit dedicated to the long deep-sea operations. The first days are used to compile a shot list, most of the time in the evening, while the aircraft is mostly flying during daytime. The footage was shot partly in Lagos during the weekend. In the second week, we went to Port Harcourt and flew from there to the offshore location to shoot the last footage. Most of the editing was done in Nigeria as well.

CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV
CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV came to us with the request to renew the safety briefing for the Sikorsky S-76. It was the last briefing in the Schreiner colors since the takeover by CHC and they felt that this video should be in the CHC colors too. Since all the videos were more or less adjustments to an existing concept, which was founded in 1999, we proposed a new concept for a special price for all aircraft. It meant that the safety briefings for the AW139 and the EC155B1 would be renewed as well. The advantage is that all images are now made in High Definition 16×9, the footage is in stock and we are completely up to date. Although we were still happy with the old concept, we’re always searching for ways to innovate. The new safety-briefing concept is now even more structured than in the past. An important difference is the introduction of the Business Unit Manager Petra van Saaze at the start of the video. The oil companies, whose staff makes use of the services of CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV on a daily basis, congratulated them on the new safety briefing video. Due the availability of helicopters, total production time became a few months.

Heli Holland Offshore, Den Helder – Netherlands
From one of our relationships in the helicopter industry, we got an email with the subject “Something new”… In collaboration with Heli Holland, one of the oldest helicopter companies in the Netherlands, a new company was established: Heli Holland Offshore. The new company will be particularly active in the offshore industry. For these activities, a Eurocopter EC-155B1 was purchased. AV Video was commissioned to produce a safety briefing for this aircraft.

CHC / Aero Contractors, Port Harcourt – Nigeria
Like many other helicopter companies CHC / Aero Contractors added the new AW139 to her fleet. We went to Nigeria for a few weeks to make required local footage for a Nigerian version of the AW139 safety briefing. The video has been added to the existing CHC / Aero Contractors safety briefing DVD and hundreds of copies were made and distributed to platforms and airports.

Bristow Helicopters, United Kingdom
A SAR helicopter made an emergency landing on the North Sea. A few things were unclear and in the presence of various authorities they had only one opportunity for a certain test on the helicopter. AV Video was invited to capture footage of the test with multiple cameras.

Aero Contractors, Port Harcourt – Nigeria
It was time for a completely new safety briefing DVD for the Nigerian helicopter passengers of CHC / Aero Contractors in Nigeria. The existing DVD was partly created with materials made in the year 2001 and since the association with CHC Helicopters the colors were changed. Reason enough to introduce a completely new concept and make a new safety briefing DVD. Missions in Nigeria are always a huge challenge: preparation, transport of equipment (about 100 kilograms!). Getting a visa is a challenge itself, working under special and tropical conditions, often heavy rain showers, shimmering sun, limited availability of helicopters and long flights… Nigeria is absolutely very special! The people are really nice and the reunion is always very friendly. We’ve been in Nigeria for about a month and made material for safety briefings for the Sikorsky S-76, Eurocopter AS-365 N1, N2, N3 and AS355. Editing was done in the Netherlands.

CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV, Den Helder – The Netherlands
Sometimes you realize how much fun it is to be a video producer. For a new safety briefing for CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV, we travelled to the factory complex of Agusta-Westland in Vergiate, Italy. Agusta-Westland developed a whole new type of offshore helicopter, the AW139, a twin-engine helicopter for up to 15 passengers. For the Dutch operation, it’s important to have the right safety briefing video as soon as possible after the arrival of the helicopter in The Netherlands. That’s why we traveled to Italy to make most of the footage over there. The required life jackets and survival suits were taken from Holland and passengers were arranged on the spot. The tour of the factory on a non-working day and a long flight over Lake Maggiore will not be forgotten any time soon. The remaining footage was shot on one of the North Sea platforms, shortly after the arrival of the helicopter in The Netherlands.